The World Series

I’ve been a diehard baseball fan for my entire life. The love of the game was passed on to me from my dad and we (me and my wife) have since passed it on to my kids. What my dad didn’t pass on to me was a specific team loyalty. He grew up rooting for the Houston Astros (born and raised in Texas), but for the majority of my formative years, I lived in Louisiana without daily access to the Astros.

Back in those days, there were no all access streaming apps. However, you could always depend on watching one team every single day on national TV, no matter where you lived. The Atlanta Braves on TBS. Alongside millions of other kids my age, I developed a love for the likes of Terry Pendleton, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, Javy Lopez, Mark Lemke, and countless others. I was addicted to the sport and to the Braves.

Matt and Kalena Langford with John Scheurholz

Over the years, they had a minor rivalry with a few playoff bouts between them (the Astros used to be in the National League). Overall, though, I’ve always classified them as my second favorite team. I wanted good things for them when it didn’t come at the expense of the Braves. GO ASTROS sometimes.

We have always enjoyed traveling to games. Pre-COVID, we made at least one annual trip to Atlanta to watch the Braves. Whether Turner Field or SunTrust/Truist Park, we couldn’t resist staying away for long. While the move to Cobb County was controversial for the Braves, there’s no denying that for our family, it made things much easier. The hotels, the Battery, the parking, the things-to-do were much improved.

But as fans of the sport overall, we’re still in closer proximity to Houston. Every year, we take multiple trips to Houston to hit up Minute Maid Park to catch the Astros. Unfortunately, the Braves very rarely travel there…so we are Astros fans when we visit.

Our ultimate loyalty though is to the Braves. They’re first and foremost. In fact, we even try to catch their Double A Minor League Affiliate, the Mississippi Braves when possible. The best place to do that in our opinion is when they play in Pensacola against the Blue Wahoos (Marlins affiliate).

Over the years, there has been very little conflict directly between the two teams. Both teams (along with many others who avoid the headlines) have been accused of impropriety. The Braves GM was suspended for life from the sport and a dozen or so minor leaguers had their contracts terminated because of unethical front office shenanigans. Every one knows what the Astros did, so no need to recap that.

Both teams restructured their management and approaches, and are once again at the top of the sport. It’s going to be a fun/stressful couple of weeks. Enjoy the World Series.

Go Braves.

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