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@pratik You can duplicate those files into your theme but they need to exists as is. That’s what does the work of grabbing the bookmarks from pinboard.

@gr36 Ohh. Nice!

@Kalena Welcome back to! (Everyone should follow her if you haven't already. Full disclosure: she married me on purpose.)

@amit I guess I better get on it!

@meandering Yeah, I feel ashamed. Ha. I’ve been minimizing the different services I’m using for so long, I haven’t signed up for anything new in ages. But maybe now is the time.

@AndyNicolaides Ah, I’m sure I will!

@pimoore Trying to workout how it fits in for me. What do you use it for? Just the landing page?

@Gaby Ha! I’m trying to figure out how it fits in with other things for me. I just left all of FB/Insta and merged Mastodon/Micro. Trying to decide if I want another service active or not. I have trouble saying No, so I’ll probably do it though.

@Gaby Random observation: your individual posts have a typo with “conversation on” part. Says Mircro.

@Gaby That’s probably all I needed to hear. Ha.

@vincent Yo!

@vincent Thanks!

@vincent If the beta is still open, would love to join the Testflight.

@pratik Some encoding issues in that last code snippet there, but I think you can get the idea. Eliminate teh h1> type stuff.

@pratik Few things. The page content/now.html should be content/ (it is a markdown file, not HTML) and include type: now in the front matter. The actual layout page would be in layouts/now/single.html. Once that's setup, whatever you put in the .md file can be displayed by using {{ .Content }} in the layout. As an example, the html file could be:

{{ define "main" }} <div class="page"&gt; <h1 class="page-title"&gt;{{ .Title }}</h1&gt; {{ .Content }} </div&gt; {{ end }} Then add correct classes and extra content as desired.

@joshuapsteele Congratulations!

@pratik I’ve seen yours. Very nice!

@bobwertz It’s always fun to play. That’s how I taught myself.

@gdp Very nice!

@gregmoore Very clean. I like it!

@skoobz I like it!

@rcrackley Very nice. I like it with the hamburger menu.

@JohnPhilpin Yellow!

@ericgregorich Very nice. I’ve actually suggested your theme to a couple people today!

@sod Oh, that’s awesome. Definitely tackling this next week!