Matt Langford

Revisiting the Apple Watch

I was an avid Apple Watch user for many years until about Series 4 or 5. At that point, I became enamored by automatic and mechanical watches and began to explore that world. I grabbed a few beginner automatic watches by Hamilton, Seiko, Orient, etc.

One-by-one, I moved on from them for one reason or another. I wish this one had a date window; I don't like the size of this one; I can't find an occasion to wear this one. Overall, I'd probably prefer a nice collection of mechanical watches over an Apple Watch, but therein lies the problem.

I feel like I need an entire collection to truly enjoy automatic watches. One for formal events, another for outdoor events, another for every day, the list goes on. When you get to the point of wanting a collection of watches, you quickly realize how costly that would be. For example, a decent beginner automatic watch will run you $300-$500. And there really is no upper limit on what people will spend for the genuinely nice ones.

When I began to crave watches that cost over $1,000, then $3,000, then $10,000, I quickly realized I'll never be happy with a $300 automatic watch. It became decision time. Do I force myself to stay on the edges of a fascinating hobby or abandon it for the time being (no pun intended) and lean into something more practical?

In this case, I chose practical and grabbed a Series 7 Apple Watch (midnight 45mm). As a man approaching 40, I see benefits in many of the health features. From a design perspective, I'm over the rectangular design (I understand why it's a rectangle), but it's not a dealbreaker.

I don't like it constantly interrupting my day, so I put heavy limits on the notifications it receives. Currently, it is set to only notify me with Messages, VIP mail, and certain health things (like heart rate). That's it. No standing alerts, no social media alerts, no goal accomplished alerts. The complications I'm using are basic: Date, Temperature, Step Counter, and Things (the only 3rd party app on my watch).

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