New Workflows and Apps

May 9, 2022

I recently decided to do a deep dive and analyze my workflows, automations, apps, processes, etc. I knew I wanted to accomplish three things with everything that I did. I tried to lessen my time on my devices, simplify the workflows, and modernize the technology. This meant learning a few things, moving on from some loved apps, and building shortcuts I’d never tackled before.

The first thing I decided to tackle was my blog. Over the years, I’ve used countless CMSes, tried static routes, and everything in between. This time, I knew I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, make it work on every device I use, and go fully static. After considering rolling out my own solution, I decided to go with Blot instead. It handles the magic on its own while letting me control content and design. So far, it’s been perfect.

The hardest part was figuring out a solid writing and publishing workflow for all devices. I’d used Drafts for countless things in the past, but never for long-form writing or blogging. Now was the time, and it has worked like a charm. I built actions that insert all relevant front matter and correctly titles and publishes the post. As a little extra tidbit, I also created a Shortcut in tandem with Drafts that allows me to insert images for posts. I can write entire posts, complete with images, and publish them without leaving Drafts. Simple, cross-platform, beautiful.

Next, I moved on to ToDo lists. Again, I’ve used everything from OmniFocus to Todoist to Things to Reminders and many more. They all have their winning features, but they all have their fallbacks as well. In the end, I’ve returned to Things. I’m Apple only, so it works perfectly on all my devices (although, instead of subscriptions, you’re required to buy the apps for every type of device). The powerful extensions and Mail to Things features are critical for me.

The last major obstacle for me was figuring out a solution for notes and content organization. I’ve been reliant on Apple Notes for a long time, and while it’s pretty powerful and feature-rich, it wasn’t cutting it for me. I experimented with Notion and Obsidian, but they’re overkill for me. Enter Craft. For me, it’s the perfect balance between simple and full-featured. Its publish-to-web feature has already been well used for what I do.

In the end, I’m happy with where I’ve landed. I’m sure there will be tweaks in the future, but I think I’m locked in for a bit.

Tag(s): Productivity