Making Major Family Time

My wife and I have been pretty good about day-to-day family time, but we’ve sorely missed family travel since the pandemic started. We were always a family who took every opportunity to hop on a plane (when we had enough points) to take the kids places.

With that not being an easy option with young children at this point in time, we’ve recently gone on old school road trips. We’ve hit most of the reachable destinations at least once (and in some cases many times).

While trying to decide on a destination for our next trip, we decided to look close. Really close. As in within 45 minutes. It’s amazing what’s right around the corner if you look hard enough.

We found an animal preserve in the middle of nowhere. Llamas, sloths, parrots, camels, hyenas, kangaroos, ostriches, emus, lynxes, otters, opossums, and donkeys. They also had a hayride and a corn maze.

Family experiences are important. Take a few minutes and find a few interesting things to do this holiday season. You’ll remember them forever!

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