Set Safari Tab Color Manually

Apple today released iOS 15/iPadOS 15 and will soon release complementary software for the Mac. One small change gives website owners the ability to choose the tab/menu color of the browser (Safari) when their site is being viewed. By default (if there is no specification), Safari will use the background-color property if specified. However, you… Read more

iOS 15 Review by Federico Viticci

Viticci releases the most in-depth iOS review every year around this time. It covers everything, and I do mean everything. You’ll want to skim some parts and re-read others. It’s excellently written and full of relevant graphics. iOS 15 comes out today, so why not get the best overview on what you’ll be getting. With… Read more

A Pocket Knife for Most People

It’s no secret that I love everyday carry items, particularly folding (pocket) knives. Some people scoff at the idea of carrying one in normal life, but even they would find utility in it given the opportunity. Many people think of a pocket knife as a self-defense weapon, but that couldn’t be further from the truth… Read more

How to Bulk Download Videos from

The Problem is a popular host for, you guessed it, live streaming content. Unlike a lot of other services, it’s geared mostly toward production level video. While it has many redeeming qualities, they intentionally make it difficult to get your content off of their platform once it’s been saved. It’s quite easy to download… Read more

List of Common Misconceptions

This is an exhaustive list of things that are assumed true/false by many people. There are definitely dozens on the list that I was uncertain about. Here are a couple examples: While modern life expectancies are much higher than those in the Middle Ages and earlier, adults in the Middle Ages did not die in… Read more

Save Money By Buying a Better Modem

I live in an area that some people might refer to as “the country”, although we are within walking distance of a small downtown area and 20 minutes from a large city. Since we’ve lived here, the best available internet package available for us was DSL (35↓, 3↑). It wasn’t ideal, but we made it… Read more

Apple and Child Safety

It’s a lot easier to get things done if you claim it’s for child safety. With 2 young children, I’m susceptible to that line of thinking in many ways. When Apple first announced their intentions revolving around child safety measures and photos, my initial thoughts were positive. I mean, who doesn’t want to protect children… Read more

iOS Tips

This is one of the most comprehensive lists of iOS tips I’ve ever come across. Even as an iPhone nerd, there were a few on here I didn’t know about (or remember). Read it now. Bookmark it for later… Read more