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Baseball and Family

April 27, 2022

I’ve always been a diehard baseball (particularly Braves) fan. I lucked out into marrying Kalena, another big baseball fan. Naturally both of our kids have gotten in on the fun as well.

Geographically, the easiest place for us to visit to catch a game is Houston, which we’ve done often.

Unfortunately, the Braves don’t play them much (yes, the schedule is changing in 2023). This year, lucky for us, they’re actually playing a 3 game series in Arlington against the Texas Rangers. Yes, we’ll be there.

Truist ParkTruist Park

We’ve even started attending some local college games as well.

Moore Field in Lafayette, LAMoore Field in Lafayette, LA

My son is obsessed with baseball. He plays it multiple hours every day in the yard (and inside). It bring him an incredible amount of joy, especially after experiencing the Braves World Series run last year.

If you’re ever able to catch a game with family or friends, don’t miss the opportunity. There’s a lot of beauty and simplicity in a game of America’s past time.

Outside of Minute Maid ParkOutside of Minute Maid Park


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